SUNUV Nail Lamp 72W 36 LEDs Auto Sensor

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SUNUV Nail Lamp 72W

The perfect manicure can now be obtained with our professional SUNUV Nail Lamp with 36 integrated uv LEDs, infrared sensor and its detachable function to make it as practical as possible.
A professional nail technician will always look for quality, this to make his work easier and to offer his clients quality services, this SUNUV Nail Lamp is now used in the big beauty salons by many technicians.

The power of 72W LEDs makes it the best choice when it comes to uv led lamp. Coming with an LED display at the top it will help you easily monitor the time spent inside the lamp.
You can also easily and manually set the drying time in the 99s, 60s, 30s, 10s lamp, these functions will help you to make sure that the drying time is strictly observed.
Having a long lifespan, it will be a sustainable acquisition for a long time.

lcd display professional nail lamp

Our LED Nail Lamp is an efficient lamp.

It also has motion sensors that will only activate when the hand is inside so you won’t have to check your customers anymore. The curing time is ultra-fast, more precisely the curing of several layers in 5 seconds. Its power is 72W 36 LEDS, the wavelength: 365+405nm, lifttime: 50000hrs, adapter: rated input 110-240V 50/60Hz 1a, weight:800g and the fit gel type: UV Gel / LED Gel / Builder / Hard gels. 

multi function led nail lamp

About UV LED lamp.

A SUNUV Nail Lamp is a device for applying gel nails, as well as making a manicure with shellac nail polish. The effect produced by ultraviolet light on the specialized enamel has the effect of drying and fixing it on the nail surface to obtain long-lasting results. Drying the appropriate products with such lamps results in an intact manicure for about four weeks, much longer than classic nail polishes, which lasts up to three or four days.

smart nail lamp with led monitor

LED Nail Lamp is practical.

A UV lamp is used to achieve a perfect, durable manicure. This is necessary to effectively dry nail polishes, no matter what types are used. The procedure is a simple one, practically exposing the nails to the light emitted by the lamp, for a few minutes. This SUNUV Nail Lamp is perfect for those women who want to have beautiful and neat nails. The lamp can be used both in beauty salons and at home for your comfort.

smart nail lamp machine

Why to choose our LED Nail Lamp? 

SUNUV Nail Lamp has a modern, compact design. If you like to take care of your nails and you want to have a perfect manicure, which will last a few weeks and which you want to build with semi-permanent nail polishes or UV gels, unfortunately you can’t do it without a lamp. With classic nail polishes, you will have beautiful nails for a maximum of a few days, but the varnish often starts to peel off after just one day and you can apply it again. Not to mention the relatively long time in which the classic lakes dry up. Thanks to UV gel technology and semi-permanent nail polishes, you can have your nails hardened or, popularly, “dry” in just a few minutes.

detachable nail lamp with 36 uv leds

LED Nail Lamp will help you to have neat and beautiful nails…

Your manicure can say a lot about you, and you need to know that your nails should look good at all times. Not only men are the ones who carefully analyze this aspect, but also your co-workers or superiors. If you love semi-permanent manicure, you have definitely heard of the UV lamp that can strengthen your gel in just two minutes. Choose our SUNUV Nail Lamp to benefit from these things. Gone are the days when you had to arrange only the important events in your life, now every day is a new challenge, and your outfit and hygiene define you. Long nails with different models are a true symbol of femininity, and men consider that this aspect is extremely important for every representative of the fair sex.

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