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Makeup Remover Pads Reusable

Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are soft and friendly to skin. Women put on make-up, some every day, others only for special occasions or when they manage to wake up in time before leaving for work. And, most importantly, remove makeup or cleanse the skin every night before bed. How we do it depends on the woman, or the skin. Some use cleansing wipes, others cleansing and cleansing disks. Both methods involve throwing away napkins or floppy disks once we have finished using them and this is exactly what we should try to avoid.

Makeup Remover Pads Reusable will be your partner in your facial cleansing ritual.

Make-up removal is an important step in your skin care routine. Regardless of whether you put on make-up or not, in the evening it is indicated a make-up removal and a thorough cleansing of the skin. Even if you don’t put on make-up, your skin still accumulates from the day, dust and all kinds of impurities. If you skip this part many times, you will soon wake up with blackheads, pimples and even some eye infections, if you do not remove the mascara. For optimal cleansing you need quality cleansing disks.

Makeup Remover Pads Reusable will clean your makeup carefully and easily.

5, 10, 15… Have you ever wondered how many cleansing disks we use in an ordinary day? An indispensable product for the modern woman, not absent from the daily skin care routine, cleansing diskettes are, unfortunately, gentle only with the skin, but not with the environment. In 10 years, on average, a person throws away about 7,000 cleansing disks. You will love our Makeup Remover Pads Reusable!

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Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are very efficient.

Small changes can have big positive effects! Our idea to combat this phenomenon that is not at all conducive to environmental health is reduced to the use of #reusable cleansing disks. In addition to the obvious benefits of the product, you also save financial resources. You will buy them less often, you will enjoy them more often. Using this type of cleansing disks has many benefits. Floppy disks can be easily washed and then used repeatedly. Apply your favorite products, as you usually do. You pamper your skin with slow movements and enjoy the choice made.

Why should you choose these Makeup Remover Pads Reusable?

Our Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are friendly to both our skin and the environment. You can easily recycle them when worn. You can reuse them as you wish. With these Makeup Remover Pads Reusable you will save financial resources. Don’t worry that the make-up remover package is finished and it’s closed at the store on the street. Join a #responsible and #environmentally friendly # community. Your skin will thank you for relaxing.

Our Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are suitable for any skin type.

These Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are made of a fine material, very soft and perfect to be used to remove makeup. As the name suggests, they are reusable so they can be washed in the washing machine. They are a good option, especially since you no longer need to buy disposable diskettes. Otherwise they are very practical to take on short trips. Instead of carrying a floppy disk drive, you take 2-3 reusable floppy disks with you if you keep washing them by hand every day. In addition, using this type of diskette helps to protect the environment. So you will be able to help protect the environment with such a small gesture. Have you tried or tried reusable cleansing disks?

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How do you use these Makeup Remover Pads Reusable?

Just add water to this magic makeup remover towel, wipe away makeup, dirt and oil in just seconds. Leaves your skin clear, soft and smooth. Gentle yet Effective, this makeup remover cloth can be also a great facial cleansing towel, works well for all skin types including sensitive skin and delicate eye area. These cleansing Makeup Remover Pads Reusable are very gentle on the skin and very easy to use.

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    igual que en la descripción


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    la esponja se ve buena y es bastante grande.


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    nice product.. same as described… fast shipping…


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    Súper suaves. Te viene cada una en su bolsita de plástico, pero no huelen mal ni nada. Si es verdad que son más grandes que una simple cinta de algodón, pero igualmente limpia muy bien, son bastante útiles y fácil de usar.


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    me encantan! es la segunda vez que los pido porque son una maravilla tanto para desmaquillar, como para la limpieza de cuello y escote. tardan un mes en llegar. los recomiendo, tienen buen tamaño!


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    I love nothing to say I highly recommend


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    As it is in the picture, very attentive store!


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    Très bien


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    Makeup sponges came after 15 days. They are super quality. They remove the makeup well. You only need water to use them. They are easy to wash. I recommend the product.


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    Einfach mega! Riesig, weich, leicht zu reinigen. Ich kann nicht drauf verzichten bei meiner Gesichtsreinigung.


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    As the image describes. Records are pretty big. The order arrived after 4 months.


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