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10 pcs Sensitive Interconnected Smoke Alarms System


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Interconnected Smoke Alarms

These Interconnected Smoke Alarms is a smoke detector for home security alarm system.
Smoke Alarms System is an alarm with smoke detector, fire detector, general purpose, ideal for all areas: house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, computer house and warehouse and others. Its role is to alert and warn people to stay away from the danger field when it has detected smoke.
This Smoke Alarms System  has the following sizes:

interconnected smoke alarms sizes

Smoke Alarms System

This Smoke Alarms System adopts the design of special structure and ASIC, has protection against dust, moth and anti-interference feature of outdoor light, and others.
Our Interconnected Smoke Alarms have the following specifications: Alarm volume: 10 feet up to 85 dB; Round size: R = 102mm, H = 31mm; Powered by 9V battery (Not included); Usage: Fire, Smoke; Note:  the product presented has different types of packaging quantities. 2pcs, 5pcs or 10packs packed.

2 pcs smoke alarms system best interconnected smoke alarms

Interconnected Smoke Alarms will protect you, your house, and your family

Our Interconnected Smoke Alarms detect smoke to make sure everyone is awake and alert in the event of a fire. They are very easy to install and have many advantages:

  • Ensuring fire safety and preventing fires.
  • A high level of sensitivity allows you to quickly identify the smallest fires.
  •  Ability to quickly detect fire, even in large and tall rooms.
  • Smoke detectors have the lowest number of false positives compared to other analog ones.

fire smoke alarms system

Our Smoke Alarms System is very convenient to use.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms are an excellent solution for maintaining safety in the house or apartment  or other rooms. This Smoke Alarms System are devices that are the first to detect a fire and are therefore a very important component of the fire safety system. More and more people are starting to buy smoke alarms system to be installed in apartments, private homes or villas, to prevent the onset of fire, and in time for themselves, their loved ones and save property. Product details:

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Smoke Sensor Detector

Alarm volume

10 feet to 85 dB

Round Size

R = 102mm, H = 31mm

Powered by

9V battery (Not Included)


Fire, Smoke


2pcs, 5pcs, and 10pcs

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