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Protective Glitter Face Mask

Have you thought about taking part in a party, a birthday or any other event, but your mask is not the best fit for it? We present this glitter face mask, glittering, suitable for any time of the day. Whether you choose to wear it in closed or open spaces, day or night, with this glitter face mask you will never fail.
In addition to the very pleasant appearance you have, this glitter face mask also offers high protection. Both because it is made of a high quality pure cotton, anti-bacterial that does not allow the multiplication of bacteria on its surface, and due to the filter.

Fashionable Face Mask

The n95 activated carbon protection filter is specially used and designed to provide maximum protection against various pollutants.
This filter has no oil resistance, precisely because it is designed for reusable masks, in which the filter is changed when worn.
The purpose of the filter is to filter at least 95% of the inhaled air, thus filtering 0.3 micron particles. PM2.5 particles and others.
Thus, in the inhaled air, a maximum of 6% of the unfiltered particles remain, but these are not bacteria, viruses or pollutants.
This type of filter is now used worldwide to protect against coronavirus.

For maximum protection, offered by this fashionable face mask, it must be fixed around the face, according to the instructions, it can be adjusted, with the help of adjustable straps, from the ears. It can also be fixed around the nose with the help of nose wire, so you will have both an exact and suitable fixation, as well as a secure one.

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10 pcs filters, Black, black + filter, Blue, blue + filter, Pink, pink + filter, Silver (No Filter)