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Protective Glass For iPhone

Protective Glass For iPhone has a non-slip frame design that will better protect your phone. Perfect for iPhone 6 / 6s, for iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus, for iPhone 7/8, for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus, for iPhone X ,, for iPhone Xr, for iPhone Xs, for iPhone Xs Max. It is easy to install and disassemble due to its soft design and frame. It also has a better anti-knock performance than the traditional glass case.

3Pcs Screen Protector

3Pcs Screen Protector is resistant to dirt. To avoid injury to your mobile phone, we recommend that you use this screen protector. Applying or removing it can be done by yourself, by following 5 simple steps. All you need is attention and a little patience. This Protective Glass For iPhone will protect your phone from scratches and other external factors. It will keep your screen in optimal condition.

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3 pcs protective glass

How do you apply this Protective Glass For iPhone on the screen?

Switch off the mobile phone:to avoid accidentally pressing the keys during installation or receiving a call.
Carefully clean the screen: in the packaging of the protective glass you will find a microfiber cloth, which you can use to clean the display (you must remove any fingerprints or traces of dust to avoid air bubbles).
Applying the protective glass: usually, the protective foils are located between two outer layers, labeled or numbered with 1 and 2. “1” most often covers the adhesive part of the foil, the one that sticks to the screen, in while “2” covers the outside of the foil (front). Peel off the part of the label with the number “1” and frame it accordingly, taking care not to touch the adhesive part with your finger so as not to leave fingerprints (peeling off the foil can be partial, in this case it can be framed more easily). If you notice that dust particles have penetrated, gently peel off the foil and remove them with duct tape.
Remove bubbles: use the card (or any other card with smooth edges) to remove the formed air bubbles, paying close attention to the edges of the foil.
Removing the outer layer of the foil: now is the time to pull the label number 2, to remove the outer layer from the front of the foil.

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0.15 mm protective glass

3Pcs Screen Protector will protect your phone screen

Remember that after removing the outer layer of Protective Glass For iPhone, it is no longer recommended to use the card to smooth the air bubbles. The simplest and safest option would be to stick a piece of adhesive tape to the front of the foil, pull it to lift the foil off the screen and use another adhesive tape to remove the dust.

How to remove the Protective Glass For iPhone from the screen?

Start removing with the most sensitive places: usually where there are air bubbles on the edges or places where the foil is already coming off. If the glass foil is already broken, avoid scattering shards by applying adhesive tape to the entire surface of the screen.
Use the heat of the hair dryer: for about 15 seconds, with regular movements along the screen. The foil should be heated enough so that you can hold it without burning it (if you overheat the foil, you risk damaging the phone’s display). At this point, you should be able to peel off the protective foil easily. If it does not yield, you can insert a thin card between the foil and the screen and push lightly, watching the foil come off. If, after removing the foil, there are still some shards stuck, you can heat the phone screen from time to time and detach them with a sharp tip.
Clean the screen very well with a soft material: you can also use isopropyl or technical alcohol to make sure you remove all the adhesive residue.
This Protective Glass For iPhone is the best option for your phone screen!

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