Professional Folding Strip Softbox 12″x 47″ 30 x 120cm


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Professional Folding Strip Softbox

Professional Folding Strip Softbox  is an enclosure around a light bulb comprising side and rear reflective walls and a diffused material in front of the light. This Folding Strip Softbox can be used with either a flash or continuous light sources, such as fluorescent lamps or ‘hot lights’, such as quartz halogen bulbs or tungsten bulbs. Note: If softbox lights with “hot” light sources are used, the user must ensure that the softbox is qualified for the power of the light to which it is attached, in order to avoid the danger of fire.

Folding Strip Softbox

Folding Strip Softbox is an accessory that is often bought by those who need extra light when using a camera. It is easy to disassemble, easy to fold and easy to transport, and ideal for studio or mobile outdoor photos. It will provide you  a strong enough light. If you want the light to shine in a pleasant way on the subjects you photograph or the frames you film, see this Folding Strip Softbox.

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Professional Folding Strip Softbox specifications:

Professional Folding Strip Softbox will give you the fine, precise, uniform, bright and smooth lights you need to achieve a perfect image.
Our Folding Strip Softbox has the following specifications: color: black, silver, translucent, size: 30 * 130cm, weight: Approximately 1.4 kg, rectangular shape.

This Professional Folding Strip Softbox has uniform coverage with high reflection.

This Professional Folding Strip Softbox is black on the outside and silver on the inside.
This Folding Strip Softbox is a very useful article for photographers, but also for people who want to make all kinds of videos and have a sufficiently pleasant and strong light. It is rectangular in shape, to use it as simply as possible and to help you by the way the light beats.

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