Organic Kids Face Mask | Children Reusable Mask

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1x Organic Kids Face Mask
2x n95 Filters

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Organic Kids Face Mask

Whether you choose to wear this Organic Kids Face Mask indoors or outdoors, it will be just as effective. Because the health and protection of our child is the most important. We always come up with innovative solutions that can protect your child in a simple and useful way.
These Organic Kids Face Mask , with different animations on them, are the most suitable when it comes to children. Being made of a high quality cotton, this mask fits perfectly around the child’s face, thus offering high protection.

Children Reusable Mask

The children reusable mask is washed regularly depending on the accumulated humidity or according to any other specifications.
This Organic Kids Face Mask also comes with a special pocket for the n95 protection filter, which protects the filter from direct breathing. Thus, in order not to accumulate moisture and bacteria. Due to the quality of the material, the child will breathe very easily, without holding his breath.
These children reusable mask are the most suitable when it comes to going to school, or any other activities. Where there may be different people and you prefer the child to practice them.

N95 Protection Filter

The N95 protection filter is so far considered the most effective filter when it comes to protection. It complies with all established indications and standards. Thus filtering 95% of the particles in the air. This protection filter can filter particles smaller than 0.3 microns, as well as PM2.5 and PM10 particles.
Due to the structure but also the materials from which this filter is made, it is not resistant to oil and oily surfaces, so it is recommended that this mask be worn daily without problems.
The n95 filter also changes regularly, depending on the degree of pollution to which we are exposed during its purification.
But for the little ones, it is recommended that the filter be changed daily, because during school or walks they are more prone to the transmission and reception of bacteria than adults.

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