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Marble Porcelain Kitchen Plate Set is a multifunctional one

Marble Porcelain Kitchen Plate Set is a set of plates for desserts, consisting of 6 pieces. It has a current marble design. The appearance of the table at each meeting or celebration with friends or family is largely represented by dishes full of dishes or serving plates, placed to each guest. So, because this is important and denotes the image of the host. This Marble Porcelain Kitchen Plate Set is a 6 Pieces Porcelain Plates and is made of porcelain, with a simple design, high quality and elegance in style. At the same time, this set of porcelain plates will give you back the culinary dishes, with a dose of refinement and finesse. This product has the following parameters:

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Plates have a wavy square shape

These 6 Pieces Porcelain Plates of this Marble Porcelain Kitchen Plate Set are perfect for displaying mousse, sauce, puff, dipping, rice, pudding, a little side salad, oatmeal and soups. Meals with family, relatives or friends are the most important and enjoyable. So, we know how important for you are the dishes that you place nicely on the holiday table or the daily one.
Therefore, we present these 6 Pieces Porcelain Plates set that will provide you with support for the most chosen dishes and, moreover, denotes resistance in use and an easy way to clean them, being compatible with both the microwave and with the dishwasher.
6 piece kitcken plates
Why to choose a porcelain plates set?
  • porcelain is one of the best, durable and fine materials, being recommended for the manufacture of elegant and formal tableware
  • porcelain pieces are very resistant to both shocks and high temperatures
  • porcelain is a very resistant ceramic material obtained by burning at high temperatures a paste of quartz, kaolin together with the addition of other components, hence the higher price than other materials, being clearly superior in quality compared to them
  • our Marble Porcelain Kitchen Plate Set is perfect for you and your family

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