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Back Support Belt 

Our Back Support Belt is designed to help you keep your back straight, no matter the situation, and to help your spine muscles support its natural position.  Most back pain is caused by incorrect posture. The shoulders will be pulled back, eliminating the classic “hump” position when stamped on a chair or standing for many hours.

In this way, gradually, after a few days of wearing, the belt eliminates or relieves lumbar, cervical or chest pain. There are also many activities that involve sitting on a chair for many hours or standing still, which causes stiffness of the spine and muscles, which causes pain and medical problems.

Our product will exceed your expectations.

The Back Support Belt is placed around the shoulders, then on the lumbar side of the spine, thus forcing the body to maintain a straight, correct position that does not affect the spine. The belt helps people with spinal and muscular pain to adopt a correct position in the spine, helping to eliminate lumbar or cervical pain by maintaining a correct position of the spine. This medical belt straightens the back and forces the muscles of the spine to properly support the weight, thus eliminating neck pain, low back pain and muscle tension.

Back Support Belt will help you fight back pain.

Spinal problems and low back or neck pain are a consequence of incorrect posture during the day and lack of physical activity to stimulate muscles. Most of the time, when we are on duty or doing various activities, we forget to maintain a correct position of the spine. Back Support Belt improves core strength to support a straight & healthy spine. This not only helps improve your posture but also helps to reduce pain and strain on your back.

Back Support Belt will be really useful for you!

Most of the activities carried out during the day take place on a chair. Therefore, the health of your back suffers, because you are sitting in uncomfortable and unhealthy positions. An incorrect posture can have long-term negative effects and, most of the time, after diagnosing the problem, it is recommended to wear a lumbar belt.

lumbar back support Belt for lower back Back pain belt Back belt for work


Lumbar Back Support 

Our Lumbar Back Support Belt will be very efficient for you. The vertical stretching of the belt through air columns confers the decompression of the spine eliminating the pain in the middle area as well as the radiant pain. When the belt is worn, being fixed between the end of the last ribs and hips, it produces an elongation effect by lifting which reduces the pressure in the lumbar region. The effect of gravitational compression of the spine is reduced to zero by using the belt, a factor that leads to complete rehabilitation of patients.

Lumbar Back Support will make your life easier.

Reduction to the complete disappearance of pain in the back area is possible only when the space between the vertebrae is increased allowing the intravertebral discs to return to their normal potency. The belt is used especially for prophylaxis and adjuvant therapy for lumbar vertebral disease. The decompression belt offers clinical traction and decompression therapy. It can stretch and relieve tight back muscles and can relieve back pain and stiffness.

Lumbar Back Support is a high quality product…

The Lumbar Back Support Belt can be used during activities or while resting and relaxing, such as walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, etc. Perfect health care tool for easy use. No pills, no appointments, relieving long-term back pain. The perfect gift for your family and friends. Suitable for pain in children and elderly care.

radian lifting belt comfortable lumbar belt spinal compression belt

When to use our Back Support Belt ?

The Lumbar back support belt can be worn for a long time, especially when you are aware that you are performing certain activities that involve an incorrect position of the spine or require a lot of back muscles. Before using the belt, it is advisable to talk to your doctor, especially if you have more serious spinal problems.


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Release Pain From Waist Back Illness

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Physio Decompression Back Belt

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Back Waist Brace Support

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Lumbar Air Traction Belt

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Spine Support belt




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  1. S***v

    OK. Five +


  2. Customer

    This product was exactly what I was looking for at a very good price I wanted to try this out and glad I did it definitely helps with my degenerative disc condition as I have a long commute each way to and from work. the product is great and I’m glad I made the purchase great service delivery on time thank you!


  3. Customer

    A gift to two hard working kids in the medical profession. Both complain about backs all the time. One uses it more than the other and reports instant relief. Also had to adjust car seat as it sat him up so straight.


  4. Customer

    My wife tried using it and now we take turns using it until my second belt arrives in a few days. Now I think I will fold my inversion table up and put it in the closet. This worked out great also because I was looking for something I can use when I travel. I would recommend this for anyone. Great job on the belt and thanks.


  5. Customer

    This product was exactly what I was looking for at a very good price I wanted to try this out and glad I did it definitely helps with my degenerative disc condition as I have a long commute each way to and from work my only request would be if there could be a small pump that could be attached to it so that you don’t have to carry it with you if you want to deflate then re-inflate but the product is great and I’m glad I made the purchase great service delivery on time thank you!


  6. Customer

    I got thos device being optimistic within the first time using it I felt relief I havent felt in over a year. I continue to use it daily and before bed. The pain down my leg is gone most of the day and I can sleep easier and better. I highly reccomend this device. It is incredible and thinking about buying for other members of my family with back issues. Thank you to the manufacture.


  7. Customer

    My husband suffers from scoliosis and ankylosing spondylitis. At $40+ 2x ‘s a week physical therapy was becoming way too expensive for folks on a fixed income. His therapy was predominately traction so we thought we would give this belt a chance. so glad we did!! It gives him great relief and even his therapist was impressed with the results enough to release him from therapy. for us it was a great investment in affordable pain relief!


  8. G***o

    It looks good. I put it on once, and it works fine.


  9. Customer

    Like many of these belts, it seems to do exactly what it describes; at the fraction of the cost of other brands / models.


  10. Customer

    I had 2 back surgeries and currently have RA/OA with 24/7 pain still on low back. This is the same belt Dr Hi sells for 10 times the price. I’ve used it for almost a month. and it comes with pump to compress belt as needed. It works as stated on web site. Keeps me 99% pain free when in use.


  11. Customer

    This is similar to Dr Ho’s pump back support, Sure felt great on my son and better than the Velcro type back supports….the pump is much better!


  12. A***a

    Belt looks OK.. Not yet tested. Product doszedł super fast. Recommend this store


  13. Customer

    Perfect size to support my weak back. I work full time as a dental assistant and without this belt I wouldn’t be working. I feel the gentle support all day, keeping me pain free. I also live the way the air tube is away from the belt enough to fill it without causing stress to the air valve. Will buy again!


  14. J***e

    Arrived in good condition but poorly packaged, could of been damaged en route.


  15. R***r

    The belt is qualitatively made. I can not assess the impact on the spine, but it works as described-inflates and expands


  16. C***a

    It works very well, helps to maintain a correct position and relieves waist pain.


  17. M***m

    Think you


  18. F***e

    Honestly I did not expect such a fast delivery I received it not even 10 days, me personally I recommend And to tell you that I tried the belt frankly she does real job


  19. E***e

    The belt is very good actually works recommend how to wear actually the pain dries the back


  20. Customer

    I’ve had a lot of back pain since I had a baby.Back pain can get worse, especially in cold weather.This product works well to relieve pressure on my back. Good value for money