DSLR Lens Cleaning Kit Camera Professional


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1x Lens Cleaning Kit Camera

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Lens Cleaning Kit Camera

Lens Cleaning Kit Camera is a complete set that contains a variety of tools that will keep your DSL camera clean and functional. A self-respecting photographer must compose an image without reproach, but accuracy is sometimes attacked by countless obstacles, including the dirt of the equipment. For a perfect picture we need a clean camera.


Cleaning Kit Camera Professional

Cleaning Kit Camera Professional is a very practical and useful kit. It consists of a lot of professional utensils. The first part in the cleaning process is the blowing of particles and lint with the help of the pump, the most delicate method, the contact between the two being air-solid not solid-solid unlike the rest of the utensils.


Lens Cleaning Kit Camera

Lens Cleaning Kit Camera will exceed your expectations. After blowing, we can brush the area we want to clean with our special two-headed brush. It is specially designed for delicate surfaces. This brush is very safe, it will not scratch the area we want to clean. It will get rid of the remaining dust and clean the fingerprints on the lens.


Cleaning Kit Camera Professional

Cleaning Kit Camera Professional is a cleaning kit that should not be missing from any photographer’s bag. The CCD / CMOS sensor cleaning pad, cotton swabs, cleaning wipes and cleaning cloths will help us to clean water, oil and small, stubborn impurities that will in no way leave the surface even if they are I blew and brushed.


Product Features:

Material: ABS + cloth
Packing size: 16*12*6.5CM
Package Including:
1*mini box
1*Air Blower
1*Double Sided Lens Pen
1*Cleaning Brush
4*CCD/CMOS sensor cleaning Swabs
6*Cotton Swabs
5*Cleaning Wipes, Tissue
5*Cleaning Cloths
1*storage box
20*lens cleaning paper (only spray bottle, not containing detergent)



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