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Latex Tubes

These durable bands and latex tubes 11 pcs / set will definitely be the best choice for the efficiency of your workout. The size of each strip is as follows: 300 * 50mm green: light X (5 lbs); blue: light (10 lbs); yellow: Medium (15 lbs), red: heavy (20 lbs), black: X-Heavy (30 lbs). These bands have a high resistance, more precisely from 20 LB to 40 LB, they are heavier bands with maximum voltage. The metal carabiners on the resistance belt will allow you to add or remove from the resistance to create the perfect challenge for each muscle group.

Pull Ropes With Door Anchor

Pull Ropes With Door Anchor offers anti-slip protection. Now you don’t have to worry about this. They are built with high quality protective sleeve made of nylon and premium natural latex, which prevents damage to the resistance tube and will give you double protection. Our elastic exercise bands will serve you for a long time and you will enjoy their maximum resistance.

This Latex Tubes are practical and convenient to use.

These Pull Ropes With Door Anchor have huge potential. These are perfect for various workouts and are easy to use at home or at the gym to get a quick stretch and greater efficiency of exercise when needed. You can easily take them with you anywhere. You just throw them in your backpack. These exercise ropes are suitable for exercise, fitness, pilates, strength training. They come with 4 improved larger handles that will allow you to share bands with your training friends without changing the handles between the bands.

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Pull Ropes With Door Anchor For Training Physical Therapy

This set of resistance bands is portable, easy to store and is an excellent aid for exercises performed at home or when you do not have enough space in the gym. Resistance bands are available in various resistance variants, from high resistance to very high resistance.

Types of exercises for the lower body you can do with this Latex Tubes 11pcs/set

1. Squats with elastic band: Stand with the elastic band under your feet and feet apart at shoulder level. Hold the elastic band handles at shoulder level. If the elastic band is too long, you can wrap it around your hands, which you position next to your chest. Lower yourself exactly as in the knees with the bar in front, keep your abdomen tense and push your knees forward.

2. Front extensions: First, make a knot on one side of the resistance band (in the gym you can do it on a device), and fix the other side of the band around your ankles. Move away from the knot to create resistance and move your legs at the hips. Transfer your body weight to your left leg and lift your right leg forward until your knee is fully extended in front of you.

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3. Rear extensions: Sit on the floor on your stomach, secure the resistance band around the ankle of your right foot while holding the other end of the tape to the door. Move away from the door to form resistance. Tighten your abdomen, bend your knees slightly, and begin to lift your leg back as you pull your heel toward your buttocks.

4. The bridge for strengthening the gluteal muscles: Tie the resistance band around your legs at the knees. Sit on your back with your knees bent (form a 90-degree angle). Lift your thighs off the floor while keeping your arms close to your body. During this exercise, try to keep your buttocks muscles as tense as possible. This Latex Tubes 11pcs/set will help you get closer to the desired results.

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