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Kids Breathable Face Masks 10pcs

Because children are most prone to bacteria and other air pollutants, the most important thing is protection. If you want to go outdoors, in malls but also at school, these Kids Breathable Face Masks are the most suitable. Due to the structure, which fits perfectly on the child’s face. Giving him adequate protection for places where there is not a very large number of people.

Children Protection Masks

This Children Protection Masks has a valve that improves breathing due to the function of the valves that it performs. During inspiration it stays closed and in the process of expiration it opens. All this so that the air in the mask is always clean and dry, because too much humid air is prone to a large number of bacteria.
In order for this Children Protection Masks to fully fulfill its functions, it must be fixed around the face exactly as indicated.
All this in order not to keep air inside the mask.

More Specifications…

This Kids Breathable Face Masks is suitable for children aged 3-14 years. And also the mask can be easily washed, removing the respiratory valve.
It is cleaned in a solution resulting from hot water and detergent, also avoid detergent based on bleach or substances that can damage the quality of the material.
It dries in an environment protected from direct sunlight.

Kids Breathable Face Masks 10pcs children mask with filter size info kids washable mask

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