Folding Dog Pooper Scooper with Compostable Bags

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Folding Dog Pooper Scooper

Folding Dog Pooper Scooper is an essential element for every parent of a dog. Being the parent of a dog is a lot of fun, cleaning up after your dog is not. That’s why we sell this picker! Your kids will love using it too!
It is designed to be easily picked up with one hand on all surfaces. Pet Waste Tool with Bag is made of plastic with a wide and comfortable grip it makes cleaning quick, easy and sanitary. Now you can collect waste easily with the shovel of one hand.

Is your dog large and are you looking for a suitable Dog Pooper Scooper for it? You can choose from different variations of products just a click away.

Pooper Scooper with Compostable Bags has many advantages: 

  • Folding Pooper Scooper save your back and make it much easier for you to go dog walks
  • You no longer have to worry about having to clean up after them
  • It gives you an easy way to keep your yards clean
  • Easier fulfillment of responsibility when you take your dog for walks
  • Pooper Scooper for Dog is very practical and convenient to use
  • Lightweight, environmentally friendly, comfortable and easy to store
  • Healthy and practical for pet cleaning
  • With a handle, comfortable to use

pet waste tool with bag

This Folding Pooper Scooper is so easy to use!

It’s so easy now to clean up after your pet with our Folding Dog Pooper Scooper. The only cleaning you should do is to spray the rake side of the pooper scoop; which is what actually touches the waste to push it inside the bucket.

This is usually done in seconds with the garden hose and can even be wiped off with an antibacterial wipe. Our Pooper Scooper with Compostable Bags will be your reliable partner.
You can accomplish your “mission” in just 4 steps:

pooper scooper with bag

Pooper Scooper with Compostable Bags has the following specifications: 

  • Material: plastic
  • Color: blue, yellow, green, red
  • Size S: 14X11.5CM L: 19×15.5cm

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it has 1 roll bag in the Pooper Scoopers

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  1. Z***A

    The fastest delivery ever!! The scoop looks good, plastic bags are not too big, but should be enough, they wrap around it just fine.


  2. E***

    Everything is super, good quality, everything works fine, checked))


  3. R***r

    Until I understood and did not appreciate the functionality. I’ll try in the case, but I assume that the package in my hand is more convenient)) delivery in the Moscow region is very fast-about 2-x weeks. With the store did not communicate


  4. L***l

    I liked this thing!


  5. E***a

    I thought that it would be smaller 🙂 good packing, high-quality plastic, heavy. There is a compartment for a roll of bags (+ store 1 already put).


  6. M***a

    Delivery is fast, exactly 2 weeks before the issue point DPD, everything was tracked. Packed well, in a plastic box, nothing broke. I ordered the size S, for my average dog weighing 25 kg, this is optimal. The volume is enough (not too much shit) and the unit itself is not very cumbersome. It is convenient to take with you, just cling the carabiner to the belt. I liked this thing, it’s convenient and more pleasant than just hands. In winter, it removes clean in the snow, but on a hard surface it can be a little dirty to collect, it is necessary to move. Let’s see how it will be in use in the summer. So far, its purchase justifies. I took it with packages. 6 rolls + 1 was in the unit itself. Packages are strong enough, slightly translucent, but Gray is clearly better than transparent color.


  7. I***i

    Savochek liked it. Looks powerful enough. I haven’t tried it yet. But I think I can handle it.