Flower Face Mask for Women | Face Mask Filter Insert

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1x Flower Face Mask
2x N95 Filters

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Flower Face Mask for Women

Because we know how important both protection and style are. Thus, this mask will be what you have been looking for all this time.
In addition to the long and safe protection you will have. This flower face mask for women will give you a special style, it will suit both your clothes and your style.
The new variety of protective flower face mask for women , with prints in different models, is now available on Pendbeg.com

Face Mask Filter Insert

This Face Mask Filter Insert also comes with a special pocket for storing the n95 filter. This protective filter is still the most recommended but also safe filter for protection against pollen. Bacteria, perfume, allergens and various environmental pollutants. The n95 protection filter meets all the standards imposed for an N filter, thus filtering 95% of the particles in the inspired air. 0.3 micron particles, PM2.5 and PM10. However, this protection filter is not washed. But only replaced depending on its humidity but also depending on the degree of pollution of the environment in which we are.

Fashion Flower Mask

This Face Mask Filter Insert is made of an anti-bacterial material. Wich does not allow the multiplication of bacteria on its surface, being a pure cotton of high quality. Face Mask Filter Insert can be washed, But avoiding the use of bleaches or bleach-based solutions so as not to damage the quality of the material. .
The protective flower face mask for women will be adjusted according to the shape of the face. You can fix it in a perfect and simple way both with the help. Of the elastic at the ears that will not cause you discomfort, and with the help of the thin metal sheet. located right on nose, this to take the perfect shape of the nose, without leaving free space where different bacteria can enter.

Face Mask Filter Insert flower face mask size info

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