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Product features: Skin-friendly and non-stimulating,
Strongly sticky,
easy to remove,and durable.
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Fast Drying Long Lasting Eyelash Extension Glue Description

Drying time: 0.5 Second
Lasting Time: 6~7 Weeks
Net content: 5 g
Shelf life if NOT opened: 6 months

Shelf life if opened: 2 months
Product features: Skin-friendly and non-stimulating,Strongly sticky, easy to remove, and durable

1. The glue will be layered and precipitated in daily placement, and it should be shaken evenly before use, otherwise the drops will be transparent with low viscosity.
2. Drop a drop and leave it for about 10 minutes. It is more viscous and easier to use after being fully exposed and oxidized.
3. False eyelashes should just pick up a little glue. The standard is that there should be no lump in the glue after applying. The method is to remove the excess glue by dragging it on the cotton pad or the crystal table, because the glue is strongly sticky when it is almost dry, too thick glue is not easy to dry.
4.After the false eyelashes have applied with glue, remove the excess glue, and then let the false eyelashes contact with the real eyelashes back and forth! When the false eyelash is almost attached, then hold it and dry it with a blow dryer.

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