DSLR Camera Lenses Cleaning Kit 46pcs set


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Camera Lenses Cleaning Kit

As the name suggests, this Camera Lenses Cleaning Kit  is a professional set with 46 accessories for cleaning your camera lens. It is even recommended for cleaning other delicate optical units for video cameras, microscopes, telescopes, scanners, copiers, telephones, smart watches, glasses, etc. The good functioning of the cameras, but also the quality of the images taken, often depend on the way in which these equipments are maintained.


Lenses Cleaning Kit

Lenses Cleaning Kit will be very helpful! It is well known that cameras are prone to accumulations of impurities. Until recently, the cleaning of the device and especially the cleaning of its sensor was done in specialized services and was considered a rather expensive action. However, the appearance of the most diversified and simple solutions for cleaning and maintenance of digital equipment in recent years makes this operation much easier and available to any equipment owner, without often requiring the intervention of a dedicated service.


Camera Lenses Cleaning Kit

Camera Lenses Cleaning Kit contains a lot of useful accessories including the blower pump. This contributes to an important step in cleaning the surface of your device. With this pump you will easily clean large impurities. Its internal valve ensures the circulation of air from the back to the cleaning tube eliminating the possibility of absorbing and releasing impurities. The set includes the following tools: 1 mini box, Air Blower, Double Sided Lens Pen, Cleaning Brush, 4 CCD/CMOS sensor cleaning Swabs, 6 Cotton Swabs, 5 Cleaning Wipes  Tissue, 5 Cleaning Cloths, 1 Tweezers, storage box and 20 lens cleaning paper (only spray bottle, not containing detergent).



Lenses Cleaning Kit

Another important tool of this Lenses Cleaning Kit is the double sided lens pen. It contains at one end a retractable brush and at the other a tip that contains millions of carbon particles, very delicate with sensitive surfaces, does not scratch, does not spread dirt, instead wipes very well fingerprints and oily stains. The flexibility that the tip of the pen benefits from makes it accurately follow the optical lens that we want to erase. All the accessories in this kit will help you keep your photo equipment flawless.



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Professional DSLR Lens Camera Cleaning Kit

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