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Breathable N95 Face Mask

This black face mask is suitable for protection against:
PM2.5 particles, Pollen, Microbes, and other air pollution.
The Active Carbon filter also complies with international standards 2626-2006 in blocking dust. Pollen, virus and other pollutants and 0.3 micron particles. Which filters at least 95% of these pollutants.
It is effective in protecting against bacteria in the inspired air.

N95 Active Carbon Filter Lifetime:

The durability of the n95 active carbon filter differs depending on how often you expose yourself to pollution. The duration of exposure and the wear rate of the wearer.
This active carbon filter filter can last on average around 20 to 30 hours, when the mask is used in construction.
Between 30 and even 40 hours, but also a continuous protection, in areas such as factories.
And it can withstand very well, offering continuous protection against viruses. Pollutants, etc., when you are in an urban environment.

N95 Face Mask Specifications

Breathable N95 Face Mask is made of a pure organic. Anti-bacterial cotton that will help you in your daily protection due to its composition.
Because this mask has breathing valves included, they will make your breathing easier.
Thus inhaling filtered air. And also the air we exhale around will be filtered.
Because the n95 active carbon filter is positioned right in front of the respiratory valve.
This breathable n95 face mask is reusable because the filter can be replaced.
Disposable masks are those whose filter cannot be replaced. Those should be discarded after each use.

Black Face Mask Cleaning Method:

The filter does not wash!
This black face mask can be easily washed, remove the filter.
Soak the mask in a solution obtained from a mixture of warm water and detergent. Without bleach or any whitening substances so as not to damage the quality of the mask.
After washing, black face mask is lightened in a shady environment. Protected from sunlight, with circular air.
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