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1x Breathable face mask
2x filters

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Breathable Face Mask

Air pollution affects our health every day, so we have to protect ourselves properly.
For this we come to your aid with this breathable face mask against bacteria, dust, and any other air pollution.
Our Protection Mask for Face is made of pure cotton of high quality, with a soft texture, comfortable. Non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and very suitable for repeated use.

This face mask comes with two n95 activated carbon filters. Which purify the air during inspiration, for clean, protected breathing.
The filter is changed within 5-7 days or if the air is very polluted it can be changed every 2-3 days.
Pm2.5 filters do not wash!
This protection mask for face can be washed easily, it is recommended not to wash it every 5-7 days so as not to lose its material texture and quality.
The breathable face mask is soaked in the solution obtained from the detergent dissolved in water. Rubbed lightly and dried in an airy, shaded space.
breathable face mask
n95 active carbon mask filters
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10 pcs filters, Gray, Pink, Yellow