Biker Mask with Carbon Filter | Motorcycle Mask Air Filter


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1 × N95 Air Filter Mask
(come with one pair of valves and filter)

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Biker Mask with Carbon Filter

Because when you are passionate about sports. You need the best conditions as well as the highest quality products.
For unique moments and not to cause discomfort in any way.
Thus we created this biker mask With carbon filter specially designed for those who practice any sports. Thus having a high protection.
This Biker Mask comes with a protective filter, which is an n95 activated carbon filter.
(You can also find filters that can be purchased separately. But these filters are only suitable for biker masks.)

Face Mask for Running with n95 Filter

We know how important breathing is while running, it is the most important factor, and we always want not to inhale various bacteria, pollen or other air pollution.
Thus, our protection mask, in addition to offering you high protection during the breathing process, facilitates your inspiration due to the respiratory valves.
You can breathe normally, but clean, filtered air with the n95 activated carbon filter.Which will filter an average of 95% of the inspired air.
The n95 Respiratory Filter must be changed periodically, depending on the level of pollution or depending on the humidity.

Comfortable Motorcycle Mask Air Filter

The n95 air filter filters 95% of the air to be inhaled, thus filtering particles up to 0.3 microns.
The n95 protective filters filter a wide range of pollutants. Including PM2.5, including particles below 1 micron.
KN95 / N95, complies with international standards 2626-2006.
Because the n95 filter is positioned right in front of the respiratory valve.
This motorcycle mask is reusable because the mask it can be easily washed and filter can be replaced.

The durability of this N95 air filter differs depending on how often you expose yourself to pollution.
The duration of exposure and the wear rate of the wearer.
This air filter can last an average of about 20 to 30 hours when the mask is used in construction.
Between 30 and even 40 hours, in areas such as factories.
And it can withstand very well, offering continuous protection against viruses, pollutants, etc.. When you are in an urban environment.

Cycling face mask fixation on the face

The fixation on the face of this protection face mask is high, this being the international standard.
Thus, when properly fixed, through it, or in addition, air leaks are non-existent.
Offering high protection, this filter acts as a barrier against tiny particles during inspiration.

Double Valve Biker Mask

Due to the respiratory valves with which the motorcycle mask is provided. During use, regardless of the air pressure. You will receive only as much air as you feel you need. The valves can be set according to your preference.
During inspiration, the valves close offering a higher protection, thus inhaling only filtered air.
During expiration, the valves open so as not to hinder your breathing.
This protection mask is perfect when it comes to a protective mask. In addition to protecting you from the strong air you are subjected to while cycling. But it also protects you from air pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

 Protection Mask Cleaning Methods

This Biker Mask with Carbon Filter can be easily washed. Only by soaking it in a solution resulting from dissolving the detergent in clean water. (the detergent must not contain bleach. The water temperature must not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. So as not to degrade the material of the protective cycling face mask .) it is to be dried in a shady place, with circular air.

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60pcs filters, B Mesh Dark blue, B style dark blue, B style mesh gray, B style mesh green, B style mesh red, C style black, C style MJ027B, C style MJ027C, C style MJ027D, C style MJ027T, D style Blue, D style gray, D style orange, Filter 10 pcs, filters 20 pcs, Hole style black, hole style gray, Mesh style black, Mesh style orange


Cotton – Lycra

Sport Style

Cycling; Running; Hiking; Climbing; Skiing; Motorcycle

Cycling Mask Feature

Breathable Cycling Mask

Cycling Mask Feature 2

Windbreak Cycling Mask


One Size (about 16*31CM)


A: with hole mask; B: with mesh mask


A: Black / Dark Gray: B: Black/ Orange


Women, Men


Outdoor Sport Training Mask