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Baby face mask

Because when it comes to your child, you always choose to buy quality. The same goes for protection against air pollutants or any microbe or virus. This baby face mask is suitable for daily or occasional use.
It will offer high protection to your child, if the filter is changed regularly. And if the baby face mask is fixed correctly around the face.
This kids reusable face mask is made of high quality antibacterial cotton.

The baby mask is provided with a special space for inserting the n95 filter, for the correct positioning and use of the filter.
Thus, the process of breathing in addition to the fact that it will not be difficult. Because this mask does not hinder inspiration, it will be much safer.

Kids Reusable Face Mask with n95 filter …

The n95 filter acts as a barrier against inhaling tiny particles from the air.
It manages to filter 95% of very small particles. Being effective in protecting against bacteria, dust. PM2.5 particles and other microorganisms present in the air.
Kids reusable face mask with n95 filter offers high protection against any air pollutants. Being considered the most effective filter on the market today. At the same time, it is the only filter that can be worn practically on a baby face mask. Being able to be used all day, without problems. Due to the fact that it is not resistant to oil, it will be both comfortable and very safe.

Fixing the baby mask on the face

This baby face mask is provided with an elastic loop for the ears, adjustable and comfortable. But also with a special metal rod for fixing around the nose.
It does not allow air leaks through or near it, keeping everything very safe and airy. It also does not allow moisture inside thus avoiding the multiplication of bacteria.

This baby mask has a breather valve that makes it easier for your baby to breathe.
Because the n95 filter is provided in front of the respiratory valve. And the baby mask has a professional fixation system around the face. They will not allow foreign microorganisms or bacteria to penetrate inside.

Cleaning methods

N95 filters do not wash!
They are thrown away after being worn depending on the environment we are in and the level of pollution.
Kids reusable face mask can be washed. Soak them in a solution obtained from detergent without bleach dissolved in water.
After that they are rinsed in clean water, without being rubbed abusively.
It dries in a shady environment with continuous circular air.

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