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Anti Pollution Face Mask

This Anti Pollution Face Mask is one of the most innovative on the market, due to the qualities of the materials from which it is made. But also due to the qualities of the protective filters.
This Anti Pollution Face Mask offers an air filtration of up to 95%, only if it is properly fixed on the face.
You can use the middle of the Breathable Protection Face Mask which is made of a special metal that molds to the shape of the nose. As well as the straps on the ears, they are also adjustable.

N95 Filter Active Carbon

The n95 activated carbon protection filter is specially used and designed to provide maximum protection against various pollutants.
This n95 filter has no oil resistance, precisely because it is designed for reusable masks, in which the filter is changed when it becomes worn.
The purpose of the filter is to filter at least 95% of the inhaled air. Thus filtering 0.3 micron particles, pm2.5 particles and others.
Thus, in the inhaled air, a maximum of 6% of unfiltered particles remain, but these are not bacteria, viruses or pollutants.
This type of filter is now used worldwide to protect against coronavirus.

Breathable Protection Face Mask Cleaning Methods

This Breathable Protection Face Mask can be washed in a very useful and simple way. Soak the mask in a solution of detergent dissolved in water. It is forbidden to wash the mask in the washing machine. And do not use bleach so as not to damage the quality of the material.
The n95 filter is not washed, it is replaced depending on the level of air pollution, and depending on the humidity level.

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