Portable Air Purifier with HEPA True Filters

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Air Purifier with HEPA

This Air Purifier with HEPA is a good choice for you and your family. We spend a lot of time indoors. Both in the rooms and in the car, the air is not exactly beneficial. It contains bacteria, dust and other toxic microparticles that can affect our health. Our product comes to the aid of these problems, due to the fact that it has a high-efficiency activated carbon filter.

Portable Air Purifier

Our Portable Air Purifier brings you a lot of benefits. This product has a preliminary filter so it will also capture the hair, fur and lint of pets. In addition to capturing harmful particles from the air, this purifier has many other qualities. It will also neutralize less pleasant odors such as: the smell of food, smoke, or the smell of pets. . You will be able to use it without problems and at night by activating the Sleep mode. He will do his job quietly.
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    Have been using it for a few days now. The air smells much fresher, cleaner and just wonderful. That is probably that is the benefit of the carbon and HEPA filter. The stuffiness that is usually in the room is gone. It’s also very quiet. Even though its not a fan it does create a cool breeze in the room. Just a great compact size air purifier!


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    I used to have a terrible problem of dust and this thick air in my room. My work colleague suggested me to get a purifier as it helped him to clean his air up. And guess what, my rooms is 10x times nicer now than it used to be. I left this thingy running the whole first day and left the house. Well guess what, I came back and already noticed less dust flying around in the air. I continued to keep it on the next day and when I came back the air in the room was so nice. I could definitely sense the difference. Now I keep this purifier on and off around 3 times a day and it does the job perfectly of keeping the air clean. I also love its design and the lighting, the blue one lights on the weaker mode and the red one lights on the stronger mode.


  3. Avatar


    Working very efficient. The appearance is looking good. The weight is medium. It has 3 three modes. The sleeping mode works really well. The only problem is I have a small room, so I can hear the fan making the sound. It does purify the air very well at least I can feel it after 2 – 3 hours turning on. The overall is a good experience. It matches my expectations.


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    I was looking for a air purifier to replace my old one which make a lot of noise. Have been using this one for about 5 days and it works great. Very quiet to use in night. It’s also a beautiful one with 2 color light. It’s a good choice for home as well as office.


  5. Avatar


    I’ve had this purifier by my bedside for a couple of days and can tell a huge difference in my allergy because the cats. For a cat lover, the dilemma is pleasantly solved when a good air purifier comes in handy-yes, I am talking about the rigoglioso unit. Over night of running this I could breathe with ease! There is a noticeable difference in the air. No more musty smell. If you have any sort of allergy or breathing problem in a small bedroom. I highly recommend this. I am also happy with the fact that at the maximum speed it runs with a negligible wind blowing, yet calming, noise. I find it personally soothing when I try to fall asleep. Overall, I think this small unit is packed with high enough purifying power without taking up a lot of space. Enjoying it!! Highly recommend!!


  6. Avatar


    Gyors szállítás, a készülék jól működik.


  7. Avatar


    This little unit seems well made and easy to use. Opening the box it’s packed well and comes with a small 12V DC adaptor. It’s pretty quiet, but not silent. The filter can be taken out and vacuumed to clean it. You can run it at normal or high speed, and at low speed there is an option to turn the lighting off. The unit will go into standby after 12 hours. It looks pretty stylish and overall I’d definitely recommend it.


  8. Avatar


    As you can see at the picture this air purifier is sitting in my boy’s room. It works all the time on max blast as two active boys create lots of “bag air” 😉 After a while, you can feel that the air is different, better. This air purifier has 3 settings where 3rd one is a low blast without led light and this is the one I’m setting up when they go sleep 🙂


  9. Avatar


    Very good value of price. The product itself is very good quality as well. Looks very neat and doesnt make much noise when operating.


  10. Avatar


    I’ve been after one of these for a while and found it abit of a minefield choosing so went for a middle of the range one price wise. The actual air purifier is larger than expected. It seems really good quality and is reasonably quiet. I have it set up in my bedroom and you can notice the difference as soon as you walk in the room. The only way I can describe it is the air feels like it has more oxygen in it! Really strange! Will be purchasing another for the lounge.


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    Having heavy traffic passing by all day, often this causes heavier air but this air purifier is great I feel in removing the particulates and giving me cleaner air, having noticed less floating matter when the product is active on those recent sunny days. I personally have used it both in the center of the room and near the ‘airflow’ around the window/entrance and it has been as effective in both places. A small unobtrusive unit that just becomes background noise and no worse than the filter in the aquarium.


  12. Avatar


    Daughter was constantly sneezing after moving homes. Especially at night and morning. Placed this in the bedroom and it has made a great difference. I think it’s to do with the carpet we chose unfortunately. Iv checked the filter and it was noticeably dirtier with fluff just after a few day. Definitely recommend


  13. Avatar


    Does a really good job removing the sparkles of dust from the air-that we would normally see when the sun shines into the room.Amazing product.Helps so much and also remove the smell and airborne dirt from my dog.Keep air fresh and pure to make good health.Recommendation it’s to everyone.Very happy with the product.


  14. Avatar


    We got this for the baby room as we live in London and the air is very dirty, leaving dark fluff in every corner and even in drawers. This lovely device makes the air in our baby’s room feel so much cleaner, highly recommended.


  15. Avatar


    I ordered home air purifier. A very good and necessary thing in the house, especially for those who are allergic like me. The device copes with its task well without complaints. There are no complaints about the delivery quickly, efficiently and not expensive for me. I have been using the cleaner for a three days, I’m happy with the purchase, let’s see how it will work further. Thanks to the store for the quality product.


  16. Avatar


    Excellent quality. Easy breath. I highly recommend this brand. Delivery quickly. Thanks


  17. Avatar


    Very fast delivery, received within one week. Seller communicate well. Purifier is easy to use. works well and feels the air feels cleaner. intend to purchase another one. Highly recommended product!!! Thumbs Up!!!


  18. Avatar


    An excellent option to make the room clean without large time costs. Three modes: very quiet, inaudible even how it works and without illumination; medium, quite acceptable noise level, quickly get used; and strong. We use all three modes. The rooms became noticeably cleaner.


  19. Avatar


    I use this air purifier for about 5 days and very satisfied with it. 2 speeds and 3 lighting options to choose from. Personally, I use it without light at speed 1, but night light is also not too bright. Speed 1 has a very thin sound that I actually consider soothing. And has an auto shutdown function in 12 hours, but who today has the opportunity to sleep 12 hours? Anyway, I wake up updated, and HEPA filter makes me believe it’s also great. In general, very satisfied.


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