50pcs N95 Filters for Kids Mask

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50x Filters for Kids Mask

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50pcs N95 Filters for Kids Mask

These 50pcs N95 Filters for Kids Mask protect you against coronaviruses. And of all its derivatives, n95 filters filter min. 95% of the 0.3 micron particles. It is very effective when it comes to protection against bacteria and viruses and other air pollution.
N95 filter masks are a type of respirator that acts as a barrier for particles in the air inspired by it. So we can inhale filtered air, and also exhale the air and it gets filtered around us for everyone’s safety.
50pcs N95 Filters for Kids Mask life:
It has a continuous durability of 20-30 hours in the field of constructions.
They can be used for 30-40 hours continuously in the field of factories. And are also valid for 50-60 hours, when worn in urban areas. Gor protection against viruses, pollution, dust, etc.

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